Does Buddhism make us emotionless?

A lot of people think that taking the path of Buddhism or spiritualism makes us emotionless. Someone who does not have any emotions, happy or sad. When we think of a Buddhist monk or the Buddha himself, a stereotypical image pops into our mind of someone who does not get angry or sad.  When weContinue reading “Does Buddhism make us emotionless?”

What is Enlightenment

When we hear the word enlightenment, we picture someone who has meditated for years in a cave of some secluded place and all of sudden has gained enlightenment but that is not always true. We too can be enlightened while living our normal life. Because the state of Enlightenment is the state of awareness. TheContinue reading “What is Enlightenment”

Breathing practice for calmness

We face a lot of situations in life where we feel stressed or tensed. An immediate response to this is that our body starts to breath heavily and take in fast breath. This is to prepare our body for a fight or flight response.  But in modern situations like a presentation or a meeting doContinue reading “Breathing practice for calmness”

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